We make sure that we plan every detail of a project to be sure that everything goes smoothly.

Safety First

We ensure that the proper steps are always taken before digging to ensure safety.

Modern Equipment

We utilize high quality equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Trained Staff

We staff our crews with experienced professionals to ensure that unnecessary delays are avoided.

Services We Provide

At Amano General Construction, we offer high quality fiber optic services to ensure that your project gets handled quickly and efficiently. We know that each project is vital to the residents in our community.

Free Estimates

Need an estimate for your project? Contact us today to get your free estimate.

Fiber Optic Work

We utilize missiles and manpower to get the job done quickly and safely.


We have trained and dedicated professionals that put in overtime to ensure project timelines are met.

Our excavation work

At Amano General Construction, we understand that our clients expect a lot and with great expectations comes great responsibility. We are dedicated to providing exceptional excavation services for your fiber optic needs. We specialize in underground fiber optic installation and have extensive experience. Safety is of utmost importance at Amano and our trained professionals will ensure that your site is prepped and ready for fiber! We always work with 811 to be sure that safety is maintained and that our timelines are met without incidence.